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  • Tesla Model 3 saves family from serious injury after being rear-ended at high speed
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  • Tesla has pushed back delivery timelines for new orders of the performance and long-range, rear-wheel-drive versions of the Model 3 sedan.

    But when it comes to comfort for rear passengers, Tesla actually Other improvements that Tesla has introduced to the Model 3 after the start.

    After an email campaign to get people to configure the Model 3, Tesla is now pushing back delivery windows on new orders for the.

    The Tesla rides on four wheels, but carries no spare. We also have an EV safety report coming soon that goes into detail about the safety of electric vehicles — good and bad. Still processing what just happened and getting all the facts from the police there may be a criminal case against the person who hit me , but any tips and things to watch out for as I go through the insurance process? A really good thing. Electric car maker Tesla Motors unveiled its long-awaited mass market car, the Model 3, at one of its classic launch parties in its design studio in Hawthorne, Calif.

    Tesla Adds More Cushion to Model 3 Rear Seat - Tesla Motors Club

    Electric car maker Tesla Motors unveiled its long-awaited mass market car, the Model 3, at one of its classic launch parties in its design studio in Hawthorne, Calif.

    At the launch party, Fortune got a chance to go for a ride in the car, which is looking to be a game-changer for Tesla and which already has , reservations from Tesla customers.

    The first thing you notice about the car when you get in it is how roomy it is. This shift gives ample leg room to the passenger and driver in the front seats, but also enables the back seats to have more leg room, too.

    Tesla says the Model 3 seats five adults comfortably three in back and two in front. Inspiration for this design choice came from the Model X, which has its rear glass styled in a similar way. The effect of the swooping rear window is that it gives the car a roomier, lighter atmosphere, and adds to that stretched out feeling with the extra leg room inside. It also just looks pretty cool from the outside.

    The other major design choice that dominates the exterior of the car is the pointed, sculpted nose. That design choice appears to be largely an aesthetic one. After you close the doors and get situated, the next thing that will hit you is the unusual dashboard.

    The screen is easier to see at a glance than the more deeply embedded one on the Model S and X, but is it too easy to see? Perhaps it could become a little distracting for a driver. The original prototypes of the Model X had some bleeding edge design decisions, like using side rear-view cameras instead of mirrors, which never made it into the final cars.

    A really good thing. Our Tesla driver drove the brief test route that the company had set up, complete with weird fog machines puffing smoke and bright lights flashing around the car. Seems like the company wanted to make the likely boring and short test route more interesting with these added touches.

    But the driver did get a chance to do a long acceleration, taking the car up to near 60 mph in a few short seconds. Tesla is, quite frankly, far ahead of the competition. No surprise that Tesla fans have already plunked down deposits for , reservations.

    By Katie Fehrenbacher April 1, The back windshield of Tesla's Model 3, taken during a test ride in Hawthorne, Calif. The Tesla Model 3 front face. Going for a ride in the Tesla Model 3.

    Tesla Model 3 rear seat cushion removal for camping or cargo

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