Mercedes benz s400 hybrid battery warranty

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  • High Voltage Battery - S HYBRID Only. (California, Massachusetts, Maine, New York,. Connecticut, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, New Jer- sey, Oregon.

    A Mercedes Benz S Hybrid Battery Replacement costs between $ and $ on average. Get a free detailed estimate for a repair in your area.

    View the Mercedes-Benz S-Class Hybrid reliability ratings and recall limited warranty comes with every new Mercedes-Benz S Hybrid. "To give you an idea how pampered this battery is, when we asked how long it'll endure.

    What is a battery? The battery will then be free for removal. Away from the EPA labs, I found that 30 mpg wasn't just attainable, but often unavoidable. The air suspension keeps the sedan flat through turns, and flattens out any bumps in the road before they manage to disturb you.

    Mercedes-Benz S Hybrid - Car Maintenance and Car Repairs - DriverSide

    Find All Thanked Posts. All - Everything has been going great since I bought the car about 2 months ago. Mileage is about 61K. This morning on my regular commute, I was sitting at a stoplight, and when I went to accelerate the car just stayed put, and all the dash lights came on. It basically didn't re-start after it did the auto stop bit. Put it in park, pushed the ignition button, fired right up normally.

    No CE or other warning light. Thinking it may have been a fluke, I went on. As I pulled into the alley where my parking garage is located, maybe 5 minutes later, same exact thing.

    Is there a way to disable start-stop? At least as an interim possible fix? Find More Posts by hitch Thanked Times in Posts. We were wondering when you were gonna show up. But seriously, the forum collectively knows almost nothing mechanically about our own gas powered cars. We mostly talk about sex and occasionally help each other pick out new wheels.

    But I'm guessing even without a dash warning the car stored a fault code each time and your dealer or indie can pull it for you. Even when we try to behave ourselves a sex joke comes out. Find More Posts by Mike Yes, I am one of the few, the proud, the guys who live in Northern VA and can use the carpool lanes to get to work in an "approved" hybrid, assuming you have a set of the old, grandfathered license plates My preference would've been the S Not V8 nice, but close..

    I spoke with my indie after posting this and he told me that although he test drove one in , he has yet to actually work on one. That said, he does have the latest equipment and software and thinks he can help, but said he would eat the diagnostic time if he can't.

    The best I can tell, there's a good chance that the 12v battery is old and dying. If not that, then I am scared for my financial future and the possibility of my kids going to college Thanks for the reply!!

    Thanked 29 Times in 24 Posts. Originally Posted by hitch Check 12v battery and charging. If ok, send car back to the alien planet you got it from. Find More Posts by alx. So the independent shop checked it out, and when they determined it was not a straight-up mechanical problem told me to send it to the dealer.

    As promised, they didn't try and charge me for the diagnostic time, but said that one of the MB-Certified Hybrid techs should check it out. I am holding out hope that it is the 12v system, but still the cost potential here is astounding and I an trying to brace for impact Car is being looked at by the Hybrid tech tomorrow. So, to close the loop on my situation The problem was unfortunately not the 12v system, although that's what the dealer looked at first.

    Apparently this was the second one of these with the same problem that this dealer had seen in as many months. Looking at other hybrid-specific parts including a hybrid battery that has been upgraded and now costs double what it used to I decided to trade it on a E BlueTEC. Shame, because I really liked it when it worked, but that said I prefer the driving characteristics of the V6 diesel by a longshot, not to mention significantly better mileage.

    2010 MercedesBenz S400 Hybrid Review

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